Try the Euro Millions Lottery

Playing the Euro Millions Lottery is a fantastic way that South African players can get access to huge jackpots. To get yourself a ticket, start off by looking at This site has all the links and information that players need to get started. By following the links on the site, players can also be sure that they will only be directed to legitimate and licensed sites, which will hopefully put all players’ minds at ease. The site also offers up to date information about the current size or value of the jackpot.

While every jackpot is amazingly big, some jackpot values become unbelievably high. Players should make sure that they have a chance of winning this prize. Remember that the only way to have a chance of winning is to actually have a valid ticket for the next draw. Fortunately it is so simple for players to get themselves a ticket, and this can be done directly from the screen of a mobile device. Even the payment options that are available make this process so easy and so quick. Even if you only realise a few minutes before the Euro Millions Lottery draw that you don’t have a ticket, there is still time to quickly go to, follow the links, and get yourself a ticket.

Euro Millions Lottery Prizes

To play the Euro Millions Lottery, players must pick 5 numbers out of a possible 50. In addition, the bonus or extra numbers must be chosen. Because only 5 numbers are chosen, the Euro Millions Lottery offers players quite different odds to many of the other 6 number lotto games.

If you have a ticket that you think might be a winner from a previous draw, you can use to go to a site where players are able to check their numbers. Players should make sure they check their tickets on a consistent basis, as even if you haven’t been able to win the big jackpot, you might have been fortunate enough to win one of the smaller prizes. The probability of winning the main jackpot is quite small for all lotto games, but the odds make winning the smaller prizes much easier or more probable. As such, most players will have much more success winning smaller prizes, some of which can still be quite sizable.

Euro Millions Lottery Numbers

In terms of picking your numbers for the Euro Millions Lottery, players can use the Lucky Dip feature which will automatically pick the number for you at random. If you don’t like the look of some of the numbers for instance, players can always just generate a new set of random numbers. Of course, if there are specific numbers that you think are lucky, players are able to manually select the numbers they want for their ticket. A player can choose to just get a ticket for the next draw, or they could go for a ticket that is valid for both the Tuesday and Friday draw. If you would like the same set of numbers for all tickets in the future, you can even get a ticket that is valid for a number of weeks. All the information you need is at

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