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Apps for Mobile Lottery

The mobile lottery apps promoted by are one of the best ways to make sure you will never miss a draw or need to go in search of results.

With these apps, you can check draw results as they are released, and even find out more about the draws, such as which machine was used. Some apps also show the prize division payouts for each draw.

There are also apps that let you check how frequently numbers you want to play have been drawn in the past, and that offer a quick pick feature that selects numbers for you.

Mobile Online Lottery Options

There are also a number of mobile lottery options that let players in South Africa buy tickets using Android, BlackBerry, iOS, or Windows smartphones or tablets. The best of these options are offered by major banks and mobile network providers.

The options offered by banks are usually part and parcel of their mobile banking platforms, whether in-browser or using their apps.

The options offered by mobile network providers include those such as lotto wallets, into which players transfer funds and then use those funds to buy tickets for their preferred games.

Four SA Mobile Lottery Games

The four different games that make up South Africa’s national Lotto are PowerBall, Lotto, Lotto Plus, and SportStake. You can find in-depth reviews and recommendations about these games, as well as other mobile lottery games at

PowerBall uses 45 consecutive numbers, starting at one, for the main numbers, and then numbers from one to 20 for the PowerBall drawn after the main numbers. In this game, you need to select five main numbers and one PowerBall number.

The draws for this game take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Lotto was the first of the four games to be launched in South Africa, and is one of the most popular mobile lottery games. It uses numbers that range from one to 49.

In this game, you need to select six main numbers and one bonus number. The draws also take place twice a week; on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

When playing Lotto, you will also have the option of playing Lotto Plus. This game is a supplementary lottery that follows the Lotto twice-weekly draw.

It uses the same range of numbers as Lotto.

SportStrike is not a lottery in the traditional sense of the word, but it does give soccer fans a way to enjoy more winning opportunities with the national lottery.

In this game, you need to guess the outcomes of 12 soccer matches featuring local or international teams to be played during the course of the next week.

SportStrike results are released every Monday, and at least 10 correct guesses are needed for a win.

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