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Players in South Africa can play their lucky numbers, find out if they are winners, and keep up to date with the national lottery wherever they are, any time they like!

Thanks to various mobile lotto solutions, the best of which are recommended for you by our reviewers at, all you need is a smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection to enjoy the nation’s favourite game of chance.

Use our reviews and recommendations to find the best lotto games and the best mobile options to suit your requirements, and tata ma chance when you are at home, at work, or out and on the go!

Four Different Lotto Games

South Africa’s national lottery features four different games which you can enjoy without having to travel to a ticket vendor, thanks to the mobile lotto options reviewed by

The games operated by the lottery include Lotto, Lotto Plus, PowerBall, and SportStake.

The main game is Lotto, and it uses numbers that range from one to 49. When buying a ticket, you would need to submit six main numbers and a bonus number.

Draws for this game take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Lotto Plus is a supplementary lottery that uses the same number ranges at the main game. The draws for this game also take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The third game available to mobile lotto players is PowerBall. It uses a different number range to the main game.

This game uses numbers one to 45 for the main numbers, and a different set of number that range from one to 20 for the PowerBall itself. You would need to select five main numbers and one PowerBall number.

Draws take place twice weekly, on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

SportStake is the perfect option for fans of the beautiful game. Rather than choosing numbers, you need to predict the outcomes of 12 soccer matches.

These could be played by teams from South Africa, England, or elsewhere in the world. At least 10 correct predictions are needed for wins. Results are made available every Monday.

Mobile Lotto Apps

The South African mobile lotto apps we recommend are particularly useful to fans of the national lottery. With these, you can check draw results as soon as they become available, and find out more information about the draws.

Some apps also show you the prize division payouts, and offer a quick pick function to help you choose numbers for your next ticket if the numbers you first played turned out to be not so lucky.

Some apps will also keep you up to date with interesting national lottery news. The game saw a chance of operators in mid-2015, and with new operator Ithuba dedicated to reinvigorating the lottery, there are bound to be a few changes afoot.

Mobile Lotto Tickets

When the South African national lottery was first launched, players could only buy tickets from land-based outlets and vendors. Technological developments have since made it possible to buy mobile lotto tickets, whether you’re in the hustle and bustle of the inner city, or relaxing at home in the suburbs.

Several major banks and mobile networks have added Lotto options to their mobile banking and entertainment options. Tickets can be bought using mobile network lotto wallets, through mobile banking apps, and by other means.

You can find out more about these exciting options and other ways to enjoy mobile lotto games at!

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