Playing SA National Lotto

South Africa’s National Lotto was established back in the year 2000, and currently enjoys the status of being the most popular form of gambling in the country, in terms of both the number of players participating and the value as a whole. will offer you ratings and recommendations as to the best places to purchase your tickets online, and allow you to make a well-informed decision when it comes to deciding where to sign up for an online account in order to enjoy easy access when it comes to matters of the lottery. The Lotto and Lotto Plus games are played twice weekly, each Wednesday and Saturday, and there is a Powerball game that players can take part in every Tuesday and Friday as well.

How to Play National Lotto

Players will need to select one, two, three or four numbers from a pool of 49 inclusive, using their savvy to try to predict which ones will appear in the next draw. You will win if you are proven correct, and the order of the numbers you selected is not a factor. You will also be able to lay a wager on some of the characteristics of the Bonus Ball as well, like whether it will be a high or low number, or a single or double digit, and your payouts are dependent on the number of correct numerals you guessed at multiplied by the bet you made. For example, the odds of correctly predicting all four balls are 750 to one. If you bet R100 in total and all four of the numbers you selected appear you will win R75 000! The initial outlay is relatively small, for some truly life-changing jackpots, and this is the reason the National Lotto enjoys the popularity it does.

Steps to Enjoy National Lotto

The ease and convenience of being able to take part in the National Lotto by means of your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device is hard to overstate, and you will enjoy access at any time of day or night, no matter where you happen to be.

The first thing you will need to do is head over to and choose where to open your new account. Then navigate to the website for the casino offering you the best deal, register for your new account and deposit funds by means of the many South African-friendly banking options provided for. The next steps are easy as pie, and will vary slightly from site to site, but all you will need to do is head to the page allowing for National Lotto participation, select one, two, three or four numbers, bet on the Bonus Ball if you wish to, and choose which numbers you think will be revealed in the National Lotto draw. Enter the amount of money you wish to bet, with the minimum bet usually being around R5, and select the button to place your wager. Confirm your stake and selection, review your slip, and print it out if you wish to.

Your online account will allow you to review a history of the wagers you have placed, including information on wins, losses and your account balance, and you can start the countdown to the next draw at once!


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