Playing Sic Bo South Africa

More and more online gamblers from South Africa and the rest of the world are opting for sic bo when they visit casinos on the World Wide Web, little knowing that when they do they are partaking in one that has its roots in Ancient China, and was popularised a good long time ago. With the rate of new players discovering the fun and real money rewards it has to offer ever on the rise, it seems likely that the game will still be available for hundreds of years to come as well!

Variations Available for Sic Bo

The bigger South African online casinos will allow you to choose from a number of different game variations, one of the most popular known as chuck a luck. The game gets its nickname from the shape of the dice-shaker, that of a birdcage, and has the dealer controlling the dice. You could also enjoy another well-known variation known as grand hazard, which is played with three dice. Hazard is the variation of the variation, and is played with only two.

Sic Bo for Inexperienced Players

The many different varieties of sic bo could initially serve to intimidate players who do not have much experience with it, but free and demo versions are put in place in order to combat this fact. Take your time to make sure that you understand how sic bo play unfolds in these versions that require no real money bets, and, when you are certain you can hold your own, you will find the switchover to real money games a very simple process. The game has a lot in common with roulette, which can ease the introduction for a lot of players, and, thanks to the many guides and game information articles available online, the rules, strategies and tips on play are very quickly absorbed, even by complete newcomers.

Deciding Where to Play Sic Bo

There are a vast number of South African casinos that offer players the opportunity to enjoy sic bo, and deciding on where to sign up can be a difficult task due to the sheer number of options. Thankfully, sites like exist, and they are able to speed up the selection process, getting you into play quickly, whilst also ensuring that your sensitive personal and financial information is never put in harm’s way.

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