Top Slots in South Africa

Slots are by far the most popular game to play at casinos in South Africa and the rest of the world, and this is no less true on the World Wide Web. The majority of gamblers have some level of experience with these games, thanks to how incredibly easy they are to play, and the fact that, because of how totally they rely on the favours of Lady Luck, no especial skill is required in order to secure the win.

Add to this the wonderful graphics, sound-effects and animations game developers have worked into the games and the enormous jackpot prizes they deliver regularly, and you will soon understand why they are the first choice of players from all walks of life and all levels of experience in gambling, online or otherwise.

How Slots Came to Be

Slots fans have an American by the name of Charles Fey to thank for their beloved pastime, as he is the inventor who introduced the game to the public in around 1887. Mr Fey was trying to mechanise the incredibly popular game of poker, and the first version of the slots we know and love was based entirely on poker principles. Named the Liberty Bell, it offered players symbols of diamonds, horseshoes, the bell it took its name from, hearts and spades.

Hundreds of Titles Available Online

The casinos that operate on the World Wide Web do not suffer from the space constraints that their brick and mortar counterparts are prey to, and for this reason the majority of them will have hundreds of slots titles available for their gamblers to pick and choose from. In fact, some casinos specialise in these games, and offer only them, in a wide variety of type and jackpot size. You could well play a different title each day of the year, and spend a good long while at one of these casinos before you had to repeat a game! New titles are also constantly being released, keeping the choice at a truly mind-boggling level all the time.

You will be able to pick from traditional games that offer players the well-known brightly coloured fruit symbols that almost everybody associates with this game to video slots that incorporate the themes from well-known Hollywood films with incredibly detailed graphics and sound-effects that serve to draw you right in. Movie buffs will have found a whole new way to enjoy the films they know and love, and are able to take home some extraordinary real money prizes to boot!

Deciding where to play is also made much easier because of sites like, which rate and review all the casinos offering slots so that you don’t have to take any chances! You will have your pick of platforms, and can find out exactly what to expect from the casino you are considering without having to risk wasting your own time on a possibly inferior online experience. Browse what is on offer at today, and find the best real money entertainment available for players from South Africa when you do!

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